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Jet Chex King

Standing at Stud:  Jet Chex King

2014 Grullo Stallion

Registered with: AQHA, NFQHA, FQHR, ABRA

Approved for APHA, ApHC mares

2019 Books are Open

Pencil In before October 1 and get 2017 Stud Fee

Booking: $50.00 non refundable

Stud Fee: $300.00

Mare Care: $5.00 per day

AI: $500.00 includes Stud Fee and 1st Shipment.


5 Panel: Negative UC Davis & Animal Genetics

Ee aa DD crcr

Homozygous Dun - Guaranteed Dun Factor Foals

Lethal White Test: Negative

Cream Test: Animal Genetics: Negative

Parentage Verified: UC Davis


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Earnings:  Cattle and Barrels, $150 1st Year

CURRENT YEAR EARNINGS 2018: $170 + Points & Prizes

2017 Target Race:  Saddle Winner for Consistant time runnings


Approved for APHA Mares

King is NFQHA 86%.  He meets all new rule regulations.  His foals, if the mare meets 85% or higher, will continue to be eligible in the NFQHA registry.  Contact me today if you have questions on a future foal eligibility for NFQHA.


APHA Mare Owners - King is an approved stallion.  His foals will receive APHA papers out of ApHC mares!


ApHC Mare Owners - King is an approved stallion.  His foals will receive ApHC papers out of ApHC mares!


BARREL RACERS - If you wish Jet Chex King to be entered into the Barrel Racing Incentive Fund with the Barrel Bash or another group, please get with me as soon as possible.  Most entries must be entered by November of the previous year for his foals to be eligible.  Since he is potentially a barrel racing stallion prospect, I am interested in entering him if my mare owners are interested in entering their foals into the program.


AQHA Members - The Incentive Fund has been disbanded by AQHA.  I am looking for other options.


2018 News

King is a consistant Money and Point earner in our district NBHA.  Starting this year, we are a consistant 4D Open, 3D Youth money earner!

July 2018 - We have added a bit more speed and now consistant money and point earner in 3D Open and 2D youth!  Ever so often we bump into the 2D Open and 1D Youth!  We also have gotten a few opportunities to work on some cow tracking skills.  He still has some work to do, but his natural ability made it so much easier!




Approved for ApHC Mares