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Equine Massage Therapy


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Welcome!  After a long recovery after back surgery, I am back and ready to work!


I missed all the interactions and helping the horses of my area.  Unfortunately we have a limited supply of Equine Vets, Chiropractors, Dentists, and Massage Therapists that do a good job.  If you personally have never had a massage, it is hard to explain the benefits and truely get you to understand what the horse is experiencing.  If you are skeptical of massage techniques, I encourage you to book a massage with a massage technician that can work their magic.  I will be glad to recommend a few.  I can do humans too, I just don't have the materials to do it right.


I have been a veterinarian technician for over 15 years.  I took courses in my RVT and chose to follow my husband with the military instead of finishing my clinicals.  Since, I have always been treated like an RVT because I knew my stuff.  I left the industry because of my back.  Hard to wrestle unruly dogs, pick up wiggly dogs when you have a herniated disk in the lower back.


I also have gone to school for massage therapy at Heritage College.  Due to work and schedules, I was unable to finish my clinicals yet again.  Family comes first.  And then a disagreement with the college left me without my massage degree from them.


I do have my Masters in Agribusiness and Economics, Bachelors in Equine Industry and Business, Minor in Animal Science, and AS in Agribusiness, minor in animal science.  I really focused in on Animal Nutrition and Animal Health because I enjoy those subjects.  Between all of my skills and education, my own personal experiences with musculoskeletal issues, I understand what the animal is experiencing and can empathize with some of the treatments we perform on them.


One thing everyone must understand, massage is not a Fix-all.  I can come out, the horse do great, and tomorrow the horse feel horrible.  The weather affects them, what we do affects them, and what we don't do.  I am a huge believer that even after I leave, you still need to do your homework.  Stretches, techniques to work on troubled areas, follow up with your vet and chiropractor, etc.  I believe that it takes more than one treatment at times, it takes more than one approach in many instances, to relieve the issue.  This is where the Veterinarian and the Chiropractor comes in.  While I treat the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the Chiropractor is the only one that can manipulate and treat the bone alignment properly.  A veterinarian is the only one that can treat with medication, to provide internal support to an area that may need more help than just on the surface.  Together, we make a great team when we support each other for the sake of the horse.  If I feel you need to reach out, I am more than willing to help with the supportive treatment plan that they may come up with.  There are also several other treatments that only Veterinarians or Certified Chiropractors can do.


Feel free to ask any questions you have.