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Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy is tremendous.  A few of the benefits include:


  • Increase flexibility to prevent injury and increase performance
  • Speed recovery to injured muscles
  • Decreases spasms and adhesions
  • Increase circulation to promote healing and decrease toxic build-up
  • Reduce Stress and improve general disposition
  • Increase production of synovial fluid into the joints
  • Overall extend the good health and lifespan of your horse


Does your horse need Massage Therapy?

The short answer is YES.  Your horse is an athlete.  Honed to carry weight across a large distance.  Depending on what your horse is asked to do, will depend on what areas might need more care than the others.  Older horses need it to feel better, and horses starting off are made more comfortable and less resistant to what is being asked.

     Equine Massage Therapy can help with the following

  • Shortening of Stride
  • Stiffness
  • Head Tossing
  • Bucking & Kicking
  • Refusal to pick-up correct lead
  • incorrect tracking
  • girth problems or "cold back"
  • Lack of forward propulsion

How do I know if my horse is benefiting?­

     You should see and feel immediate improvement in your horse.  Performance and overall disposition should also improve.  Most horses streatch and round-out more, lick their lips and sigh, and if they were reacting to pain, the pain symptoms should start disipating (twitching, spasming).