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Planning on breeding to Jet Chex King?  Wondering what colors the foal will be?  Here is a breakdown for you

with a quick genetics course!


Each gene comes in pairs.  The mare gives one part and the stallion gives the other part.  Most genes in the color areas can exist together and work together to create our wonderful equine color wheel!

So here is the basic breakdown of color genes.


Quick definitions.


Homozygous is where the pair of genes are exactly the same  EE  or AA or ee

Heterozygous is where the pair of genes are different.  Ee  Aa  Dd


First, lets start with the base color.  The base color is either black or red.  Everything else modifies these colors.  How do we get these?  We use the letter E and e to show the color scheme.  E is shown as having the Black gene.  e is showing no black.  In either Homozygous Black or Heterozygous, the horse will be "Black Based" and have the black body coloration.  Black is dominant, which means when paired with either another black or no black, the black will always be shown.  


E - Black base

e - Red base.

Black is dominant to red.


Everything else is a modification.

A - Agouti

a - no agouti.

The agouti gene causes a black horse to modify to a Bay.  King does not carry this gene


D - Dun Factor

d - no dun factor


The Dun causes ear outline, shadowing on the head, the dun barring on the legs, and the stripe down the back.  It also will lighten the body.  The following are the colors of dun.


     E_aaD_ = Grullo  A black base horse with dun factor.  no agouti

     E_A_D_ = Classic Dun.  A bay horse with dun factor.  carries the agouti.

     ee__D_ = Red Dun.  Red base horse with dun factor.  Agouti doesn't matter on a red


What are the lines in the color map?   Those are unknown.  Usually the unknown of the other gene of that marker is masked regardless since the first color is dominant.   For example a black horse can be EE or Ee  Agouti will show if it is AA or Aa.  same with dun.  DD or Dd.  The coloration doesn't change.


Since King does carry the red gene, you chance a Red base dun if your mare carries the red gene.  So lets talk percentage.  I have found lots of coat calculators out there.  I really like Animal Genetics website calculator.  They have added many colors, such as champagne, silver, and other colors we don't see often.  Plus the paint patterns!  You can access the calculator here:


If you would like help or don't understand enough to use the calculator, feel free to contact us ­and we will be glad to help you with the information.   Animal genetics has been very good at doing color testing for us over the years.  UC Davis as well.