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2017 Breedings are going great!  There will be several 2018 foals that will be on the ground from January through May!­

We have Reining, Cutting, Barrel, Western Pleasure, and Halter mares that are visiting to create a versatile cross!  Most all mares pregnancy checked to day 1 of breeding!

Our Personal Mares


     Ciaras Silver Penny - Reining and Cutting Bloodlines - Bred and Confirmed late January/early February foaling date

                                        High Chance for Grulla, small chance for Red Dun.  Guaranteed Dun Factor.  Futurity Prospect!









 Outside Mares bred this year include (no names, just descriptions)


AQHA Mares


     AQHA Bay Mare - ~94% Foundation mare, Working Cow, Cutting, and foundation ranch lines!  Will be a head-turner in

                                     the show pen!  Due February 


     AQHA Grulla Mare - Working Ranch and Cow bloodlines.  Looking forward to a productive Show Career!  Due Late January


     AQHA Champagne Sorrel Mare - Halter and Speed Lines.  Rich with Skipper W, this combination will be a condender!


     AQHA Dun Mare - Speed and Working Cow lines.  This mare will be a hard-working, good lookiing specimin!  Due April


     AQHA Palomino Mare - Halter Class!  Plus Cow lines, a perfect versatility combination!  Due April



APHA Mares.  Foals will be APHA registerable.  


     APHA Bay Tobiano - Big Bone, well built.  Mare has both pleasure and speed bloodlines.  Should be nice, big bone, and a looker in the show pen!  


     APHA Sorrel Mare - Halter and Western Pleasure Bloodlines.  A head-turner for sure in the show pen!  Due March


     APHA Brown Mare - Another great Versatility combination!  Hunter over Fences, halter, barrel, and western pleasure earners­


We have a few more mares on schedule that I'll list as they confirm a definite romantic date!


We will breed through July.  I have a few that want later babies.  It's your mare and your foal, you tell me when would be best for you to have a foal on the ground!  Contact us if you wish