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2018 Breeding Information


We are standing Jet Chex King, a 2014 Grullo Stallion by Double King Duke Jr and Double Ginger Honey.  He is parent verified and nominated eligible for AQHA Incentive Fund.  We are offering live cover.  AI Services are offered this year through Equine Surgery and Medicine of Wichita, KS.  Mare Care on site is offered for live cover.  


 2018 Stallion Breeding Fee:  $350.00 

  • Your booking fee is $50.00 of the fees, Non-Refundable
  • Breeding fee must be paid up front, before Live Cover or AI services


View standard breeding contract : 

  • We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card, and Pay Pal.  Everyone will receive a receipt from our program Square as we use it to track our business.  Once your booking fee is paid, a personalized contract will be created and you will have until your mare is dropped off to get it back to us and pay the remaining amount of your breeding fees.
  • See the Mare Care Fees for when they are due.


Mare Care is offered with our services for an additional fee.

     Standard Daily Rates

  •      Dry Mares (no foal)  $5.00 per day
  •      Wet mares (With foal)  $8.00 per day
  • Daily rates are due when the mare is picked up.  If the mare stays longer than 14 days, an invoice will be generated on day 14 and will be due within 24 hours of invoice being issued.  If payment is not received by midnight on day 15, no breedings will occur until payment has been made.  If the mare is actively cycling at the time of this situation, the Live Foal Guarantee will be Null and Void and no refund of the full breeding fee will be issued for any reason.  Please see your breeding contract for the full literature.
  • You can prepay as many days as you would like and we will refund the days you do not use.


 Special Monthly Rate

  •      Dry Mares (no foal)  $150.00 per 30 day block
  •      Wet Mares (with foal)  $200.00 per 30 day block
  • Special Mare Care Rates are due at the time of Drop Off.
  • Each block includes up to 30 days of full care, hay, grain, and a paddock with shelter.  This also includes 1 ultrasound that will be done by our vet at day 14 after the last day of the stallion covering the mare.  You may pick up your mare shortly after the confirmed ultrasound.  If the mare is not pregnant, you will be given a choice to short-cycle or wait until she cycles again.  We will need to know how you wish to proceed.  Daily or another monthly block.  If you wish to do daily and have us do another ultrasound before she leaves, the Ultrasound fee is $80.00 additional separate from the package.
  • If your mare needs to be sedated for ultrasound, there will be additional $10.00 due at the time of pick-up.  Our vet is good at not sedating, however he is in the business to stay uninjured and sound himself.  If your mare needs it for his and our safety, then please let us know if you are ok with sedating at the time of ultrasound.  If not, then it is best if you take the daily rate and ultrasound the mare at your convenience.
  • You can pay for your blocks at our store, or when you drop off.


AI (Artificial Insemination)

  • AI Services are offered through Equine Surgery and Medicine.  316-744-2007
  • Cooled/Shipped is $295
  • Local Pick-up, Onsite Mare insemination is offered for a lower fee.  Please contact them for prices.  
  • All AI Payments are payable to Equine Surgery and Medicine and due before services will be rendered.


  • AI & Breeding Fee paid up front for a total of $500.00.  This includes ONE SHIPMENT.  I will pay the AI Services at Equine Surgery and Medicine.  One time only
  • All other shipments will be $295.00 per shipment paid to Equine Surgery and Medicine
  • Contact me today to discuss this very special option.  


  • Due to issues in the past, we have changed up some of our policies. 
  • KICKING and UNRULY MARES:  If the mare is a kicker or a biter and we cannot safely cover, you will be given the option to arrange for your vet to come out and sedate for breeding.  We will not sedate any mare that is not ours for breeding.  You must arrange payment and liability with your vet.  We can arrange the time and place and even trailer your mare and stallion to their facilities if they are local to us. 
  • Daily Mare Care must be paid every 14 days of the mare's stay. 
  • Non-payment by day 30 of a service rendered is actionable.  See our contract for more information.
  • If your mare resides in a high-traffic area (boarding facility, you travel for events with other horses, etc) Rhinopneumobort vaccines are requred for Live Foal Guarantee.